Sunday, 7 May 2017

This May.

What are your goals for this May?

The first quarter of the year has gone and the final month of Spring is here.

2017 so far has been a whirlwind of love, laughter, tears and lessons learnt. In many ways, it hasn’t been perfect but in so many others it really has. The good has by far outweighed the bad and I can the see the year only getting better.

May Goals

Organisation is Key I know I have said it and it is something that everyone thinks but time really is moving so quickly. The days get away from me and before I know it it’s another Sunday evening, I am sitting on the sofa eating Oreos and have no clue where the week has just gone. I have an Agenda I don’t use and the only thing I seem to plan at the moment is my weekly shop. This month I want to be more organised so I can make more use of my time. I am going to start this by finally writing my blog schedule down. Right now I plan to post at least twice a week but I am not doing much to make that happen so I want to pre-plan what I am posting and when.

Branch Out Following on from pre-planning my content I want to sit a write more. I have been wanting to branch out a feature more here fo a while now and I think because I am nervous about doing so it is blocking my mind from writing anything. I have lists of ideas but each time I go to write I either second guess if people will find the topic interesting or decide that I am either not right for it or don’t have the skill to do it justice. I want to write more about my experiences of motherhood and updates on how Esmée is doing. If that isn’t interesting to everyone then at least I have thing documented for my own sake. I also really want to incorporate some fashion and outfit posts. I have been overhauling my wardrobe and finally feel like I am getting some post worthy outfits, I’m just not sure how I will photograph things or if I will look silly trying to do an outfit shoot.

Be Healthy In the past I have written bits and pieces of my health and fitness journey. Right now I cannot afford my gym membership and honestly, I don’t think I will be renewing when I return to work as I would rather spend my evenings at home with Luke and Esmée. Since giving birth my weight has somewhat fluctuated, as has my motivation. I keep eating really well during the week and then eating Oreos by the pack at the weekend. I have little time until I return to work now and before I do I want to loose the weight I have gained, get some level of fitness back and feel happy in my skin again. This month I am going to stick to my eating plans and try and get in as much exercise as possible. Hopefully, the weather starts acting like late Spring soon so I can get in regular walks during the day and then I have some dumbells here at the flat to try and rebuild some of that strength and muscle tone I have lost.

What do you want to achieve this month?

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