Thursday, 11 May 2017

Spring Shoes

Shoes are the part of my wardrobe that has always needed more work than any other. I go through phases of living in nothing but trainers and buying footwear that I only wear once or twice.

Winter, I find easiest with seasonal footwear. This past winter I have lived in heeled Chelsea boots and could continue to do so indefinitely if the weather allowed me to.

This year I have decided to change that. I am actually making sure that I have a good selection of shoes that means I can put my Stan Smith’s away, especially when I return to work, and actually look a bit more put together.

These embroidered mules are uncanny dupes for the GUCCI Princetown Slippers

If you have any interest in fashion, well even if you don’t, you have more than likely seen the Gucci Princetown Leather Slippers doing the rounds this season, and as beautiful as they are I don’t think the average person has £530 to spend on a pair, I know I certainly don’t.

I first saw these on Samantha Maria’s April Favourite’s video on YouTube and fell in love, cue me quickly popping on EGO Footwear to find them. I did originally want the black but at the time there was a waiting list until May 15th so I went with the nude and I am really glad I did. They go with a lot more than I thought and are unbelievably comfortable. For the price, they are really sturdy feeling and I think they should hold up on the commute quite well. Saying this, the black are now back in stock and for only £24.99 I might just have to treat myself to a second pair.

New Look Black Heeled Mules are the perfect smart casual shoes for this season

Again, these were not the shoes I intended on purchasing. I went into New Look to buy a pair of black mules but with a higher, stacked, heel. But, as with the EGO mules, I’m glad I couldn’t get the original pair I wanted. Mules are everywhere this season and I definitely don’t see them as being ‘fast fashion’. These look great with anything I put them with. Whether it’s a casual mom jeans and t-shirt combo or something more formal they just do it.

This heel height is so practical for everyday wear. I can comfortably wear a heel during the day, as long as it’s a block heel I’m golden, but this is the first time that I have actually purchased a pair of daytime heeled shoes that aren’t boots. I am also surprised, given my ridiculously weak ankles, that these feel really secure and I don’t feel like my foot will roll over with every step.

Primark Black Loafers and Grey Suedette Pointed Slingbacks

Primark Grey Pointed Slingbacks and Black Loafers

I ordered a pair of loafers in the Whistles sale at the end of March. They were beautiful but it took me 10 minutes to get my foot in them, then when I did I had about 2 inches of free space by my toes. Not only that but they ripped the skin off the back of my foot in the process. Not really what I want for £65 (and that was half price!) These Primark loafers on the other hand, soft as can be, easy to get on and only £8. A bit of a no brainer eh?

I struggle with Primark footwear. I am a true 5.5 UK size. A 5 is too small and a 6 too big. Primark I find that this is the case with most shoes I try on. These were not really an exception. The 6 fell off my feet but the 5 were a little tight. Because these are so soft I took a chance and purchased the size 5s, put on some socks, did a 2-hour drive and now they are stretched to perfection. Once they are on they look just as nice as any higher priced pairs I have seen and I don’t really mind if they get ruined on my commute. For only £8 I’ll buy another pair as a backup.

These grey pointed slingbacks were a surprise purchase for me. I’m not a fan of pointed footwear. From years of being tall, too skinny and with large feet it is ingrained in me that they just aren’t very flattering. Well now I am not as skinny and somehow my feet have shrunk a little these caught my eye so I tried them on. The sizing’s with these were not so much of an issue. I tend to have to go for a 6 with anything remotely backless anyway and the heel straps on these are buckled and adjustable. These were only £6 I believe and they look so much more expensive than that. Faux suede and the grey tone make a nice addition to a simple outfit and look a lot chicer than a pair of trainers.

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