Wednesday, 3 May 2017

April Roundup.

Have you achieved your April goals?

April has gone that quickly that I am finding it difficult to actually remember what happened this past month!

When I look back at my goals for This April. I’m not sure if I can claim to have been successful or not. The month has been a blur and that is, for some reason, making me quite sad.

April Goals Recap

The goals I set myself for April were nothing huge in terms of time-consuming or effort but for the most part were important for me. I wanted to take more time and in turn, more photos, in particular, to enjoy making memories as a family. I have managed to get a few more photos of Esmée but I feel like I am going through phases. Some weeks I take loads, others the days pass without me picking up the camera. I have, however, been spending some more time focusing on her rather than things that need doing. I have been using naptimes to get the housework done, bulk loads of laundry, washing up and all the fun things, and making the most of playing and cuddling when she is awake.

I took her into London for the first time this month to go and see the people in my office and she went down a treat. Finally getting into the city and back to the office felt like getting a little bit of me back but also made it hit home how close I am to going back to work.

Oh, I did burn my candles finally though!

3 from April

3 Favorites
  • These Cheska Mules from EGO Footwear are my newest love! I just need the weather to warm up.
  • My skin has been suffering this month. Dryness is now the bane of my life and the Too Faced Hangover Primer is saving me day to day.
  • Another skin saviour right now is the Mario Badescu Facial Spray. I think I will be repurchasing this soon.

This is my first monthly roundup post and I want to refine them to a style I am happy with as the months go by. Does anyone have any suggestions of what they like to see in these posts?

How was your April?

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