Tuesday, 23 May 2017

A Walk in the Woods

We are lucky enough to live quite near a number of nature reserves and beautiful parks. In fact, the car park for our flat actually back onto a reserve and from our bathroom window you can watch the birds and squirrels jump from tree to tree.

We try, weather permitting, to get out for a walk as much as we can. I love the opportunity to get outdoors and it really settles Esmée. During the week we just walk around the little village we live in and maybe head to the reserve next to us, but of a weekend like to venture further afield.

I had been dying to see the Bluebells this Spring before they disappear for good so we took advantage of a warmer day during the early May Bank Holiday and drove the 5 minutes to Norsey Woods, a nature reserve in Billericay.

It clouded over a bit whilst we were there but was still lovely and warm.

I had my first attempt at some outfit shots, which were unsuccessful, and I definitely need more work. I really want to get some fashion and OOTD posts on here but am struggling with the photo side of things right now!

I did get to see the bluebells though. Another week and they would have been gone as you could tell they were on their way out but they still looked beautiful. It’s a shame it had rained the day before and wasn’t dry as I would have loved to get some shots of Esmée in amongst them all.

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