Wednesday, 17 May 2017

5 Months.

This past Saturday Esmée was 5 months old, it actually feels insane to put that down in words.

I think other than those first few weeks home this month may have been one of the most exhausting.

She has always been a great sleeper but if you are unlucky enough to really experience that 4 month sleep regression, it is a killer. To go from having a baby that sleep solidly for at least 9 hours of a night to a week straight of being every hour or so is not easy. But this past month has had so many highlights that make the lack of sleep worth it.

She is still a little dot in comparison to other babies her age. Having got her weighed this week she is still only 13lbs. We have finally been able t crack out the 0-3month size clothing, although most of everything is suitable for the wrong season. Never expect your baby to be a certain size, it backfires.

She is really getting her own personality now and it is more apparent with every day. The easiest way to get a smile out of her is to tell her she is beautiful and she kicks her legs repeatedly when she is excited. She has developed the ability of gargling which seems to be her retaliation to us blowing raspberries at her and chuckles when you tickle the bottom of her ribs, although she is reluctant to give into a full belly laugh!

We finally had a roll from her last week, although I missed it turned around and she was on her tummy and now there is no stopping her. Unfortunately, she hasn’t quite mastered the art of being able to roll back yet so you have no choice but to keep turning her over.

With each milestone she hits and new thing she learns I feel like we learn a bit more about the little person she is. I find myself caught between wanting to soak up every second and excited for the next.

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