Friday, 7 April 2017

This April.

My goals and aspirations for April 2017

I have wanted to start writing monthly posts for a while now, I’m not sure why I haven’t.

I want this blog to become about motivating myself and documenting aspects of am beginning to realise just how important it is to sit down and set out goals and plans for the month and then take the time to reflect on what has been happening.

I love reading others monthly goals and roundups posts so hopefully, this will not only benefit me but you all might enjoy reading them.

Burn those bloody candles! A bit of a random one to start but also the reason I chose this photo to head up this post. I was bought a Diptique and Jo Malone candle by my old manager a while back as gifts and I am still too light them even once. When I was first given them I told myself I would wait until I moved out so I can burn them in my own space and they can look and smell all pretty. 3 months into living here they are still just for show. I think I am scared to use them up because I know I could never warrant buying them for myself but it feels like such a waste to have them sitting there.

Take more photos. When I and Luke purchased our DSLR a few years back the specific reason I wanted one was for when we had children. I don’t think you can ever have too many photographs and time goes so quickly it can be hard to retain everything happening around you. Now that Esmée is in our lives I think this is even more important. She is getting bigger by the day and although we have hundreds of iPhone photos I don’t think you can’t truly beat good photos taken on a real camera. Also, I want to eventually get some new lenses for different shots and I can’t warrant that if I am not using it for everything.

Take more Time. The days are passing so quickly right now. It has been 4 months on the 13th since we became parents and time is just slipping through my fingers. I have about 2 months left before I return to work and although I am so eager to get back I can’t help but count down the days I have left at home with Esmée. These last months I want to really take the time to just be with her. The housework can wait, writing can be done during naptimes, but when she is awake I want to spend every second I can just being with her. And you know what, the odd nap on me rather than in her cot will not kill her routine!

Make use of what I have. Last week I posted my Concealer Edit and in my scheduled posts is my Foundation Edit. My aim is to do these posts for my whole collection. Writing these so far has made me realise just how much product I have accumulated. Obviously, I work for a group of cosmetics companies and have done for a while now, I get product from my job and that itself builds up, but I just buy so damn much too. This will be seen in the fact that my Foundation Edit will be in 2 separate posts, does anyone need that much foundation? I am currently waiting on a Beauty Bay delivery with some but that I actually needed (honestly) but for the next couple of months I don’t want to buy any non-essential beauty products.

Do you have any specific goals this month?

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