Wednesday, 19 April 2017

The Foundation Edit: Part 1

Foundation wardrobing. Catering your foudnation collectin to your daily needs and skin tendencies.

'Foundation is a product that I always seem to use just one every day and don’t really have more than one brand or formula in rotation'.

This statement was true until about a year ago, then I started to notice a few different products creep into my rotation at the same time. Still a more under control portion of my makeup collection definitely nothing to rival my lipstick collection.

Again, this was my interpretation of my foundation collection, until I moved just before Christmas. Packing up my dressing table I saw I have a few more than I realised, so much so I have separated this into 2 posts.

Foundation Wardrobing is a phrase I learnt when I started working in the makeup industry. It is basically having a choice of formulas, consistencies and colours on hand to change up what you using dependent on the way your skin feels one day, the overall look you are going for or even the intensity of your tan. I didn’t realise I had started doing this day to day as I do use the majority of my collection on a regular basis.

This is my favourite foundation in my whole collection! I got this for my birthday last year after receiving a sample in Vogue which happened to be my exact shade, it was like the makeup gods had spoken and it was meant to be. It’s non-oily formula suits my skin whether it is oily or has dry patches and it applies flawlessly with either a brush or damp beauty sponge. It claims to give 16 hours of wear and instantly mattify. This is definitely long wearing and it survives my commute on the tube which in my opinion is a good test of a foundation. I’m not sure if I would agree that this is mattifying as I feel it gives more of a natural finish but regardless it is beautiful. I only have about 3 applications of this left and will without a doubt repurchase but I am intrigued by their new Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion release so may give that a go next.

When I first got this I loved it, the finish is stunning and it has a really buildable coverage. I won't go into to much detail as I have a full review here but I will say I am not as in love as I once was. This is now reserved for less dry days as I find it can cling to dry patches around my nose, but when my skin is really well hydrated it still looks lovely. I do like mixing this in with my BareMinerals Complexion Rescue to add a bit more coverage as they work really well together.

This is holy grail status, I cannot be without it, in fact, I have 4 in my dresser right now, 2 in the shade Vanilla, 1 in Wheat and 1 in Natural. Complexion Rescue is a ‘Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream’, somewhat a hybrid of tinted moisturiser, BB cream and foundation. It offers a sheer coverage that you can build upon but also a huge dose of hydration to the skin. I wear this in a multitude of ways. On its own to even out skin tone without anything heavy, a true no makeup makeup look, underneath just concealer, as a base for foundation or mixed into another foundation. The latter is actually my favourite use. If I want any of my other bases to look more natural or if I think my skin needs a boost that day I mix a small amount of this into the foundation I am using, it offers extra hydration and makes any foundation just glide on and blend out a little easier.

I don’t see this foundation get that much love or attention online which is a shame because it is really lovely. One of BareMinerals’ loose, mineral foundations, Blemish Remedy contains Aspen Bark and Tea Tree Oil to promote clearer skin with use as well offering coverage. Because this is designed for blemish prone skin it has a creamy, flawless finish when buffed into the skin. I don’t suffer from breakouts half as much as I used to but I still love this formula. When I don’t feel like using this as my actual foundation I like to spot conceal with it to benefit from the blemish fighting properties or use a thin veil over top of a liquid foundation to provide extra coverage. BareMinerals have what feels like a million products called Blemish Remedy so be sure to remember they have a foundation in this range.

This is only part 1 of my current foundation collection so keep an eye out for the second half coming soon.

Have you tried any of these foundations?

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