Monday, 24 April 2017

Beauty Bay Mini Haul: Hits and Misses

Items recently bought from Beauty Bay

Although in my This April post I said I wanted to start using the products already I already have in my collection I did also say I was waiting on a Beauty Bay order.

It was my birthday the beginning of April and although most of my money has been reserved for new clothes I wanted to grab a couple of new makeup items that I had convinced myself I needed.

The need for a new setting spray is what fuelled this little haul. I have been using MAC Fix + for what feels like forever and now that my skin is dryer I find I have a daily need for some kind of fixing or setting spray. I was originally going for Gerard Cosmetics Slay all Day but the hydration properties of Mario Badescu along with a number of positivity comments I have heard about the brand swayed my choice.

I have been using this more or less every day since I purchased it and I love it! I like to spray a small amount following my moisturizer and then again as a final step to finish my makeup. Using it before my makeup seems to give the right amount of hydration to allow my products to apply so much more evenly and then a spritz to finish a look just takes away any powdery or cakiness as well as helping the products last longer on my face throughout the day. I have also been spraying this around my hairline and my hair seems to be so much shinier and healthy looking for it.

I have heard nothing but positive reviews on Morphe Brushes. They seem to be the number one budget brand and after finally getting my hands on the 35O palette a while back I knew that as a brand they provided quality as well as price. Needless to say, with such high hopes, I am so disappointed in these brushes.

Now they are not that terrible that I will be throwing them away, but they are not the quality I expected. The pointed face brush had glue on the bristles that I had to cut out and the angled buffer brush has glue around one side of the ferrule causing it to be wonky and not secure. Now they are really dense which I love in a face brush, especially if you are going to blend out liquid products with them but they aren’t the sofest brushes in the world. There is one winner in this set for me and that is angled eye brush. I have been using this for a one colour lid for the past week and it packs on the pigment of any shadow but also blends out easily making a one and done eye look quick and easy.

Please tell me that purchasing Morphe Brushes singularly rather than in a set makes a difference in quality?

This is no longer available on Beauty Bay but I still wanted to include it in this post so I have linked it via as it is still available there.

I have only ever tried one other product by Jane Iredale, the Smooth Affair Facial Primer and Brightner, which I received with my Vogue subscription and it quickly became one of my favourite primers. When I saw the Longest Lash Mascara I was drawn in to try it and the fact that it was discounted on Beauty Bay at the time just sealed the deal. This mascara has some really poor reviews but they all seem focused around the brush size. It has a large, tapered, bristled brush which some people have said is too big, I disagree. I like a larger brush on my mascara wands and this is so full that it coats the lashes really well. I would say that this is more of an everyday mascara as it gives quite a natural look, not to full on, but if that’s what you like this would definitely be worth picking up. I have a feeling this might be being discontinued and I only paid £6.25 for it but I might pick another up at the higher price point for when this one runs out.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of them?

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