Friday, 17 March 2017

Spring Detox // Instagram

Do you follow accounts on Instagram that make you feel good about yourself?

Instagram is possibly my most frequented social media platform. When I open my phone for a bit of mindless scrolling or to pass a bit of time I can almost guarantee that Instagram is the app I open first.

I need to up my game with posting regularly and growing my presence but I love looking at other people’s pictures.

I think my biggest problem is that I can be a bit follow happy.

Right now I am following 1,331 accounts!

Now, this wouldn’t be a massive problem if I actually liked the content posted by each person or company I am following, but I scroll past about 80% of posts without paying much attention. I think over the years I have just liked random accounts for the sake of it.

There is such a mix of content offered by those I follow. I am following a number of fitness accounts that don’t do much for me anymore, companies I never intend on purchasing from and more celebrities than I care to admit. I also only have one account so I use this for both personal use and blogging. This means that I am following people I went to primary school with and haven’t spoken to in years and to be perfectly honest I’m not too bothered about their day-to-day lives much less what they had for lunch last Tuesday.

This Spring I want to go through and cull the accounts I am following. I want to make a point of only clicking follow on those who’s content I enjoy not those who's posts make me feel insecure or bad about my own life. The ones where the picture makes me want to read the caption or brings something to my day whether that is motivation and inspiration or just makes me intrigued or smile.

Because of Instagram ever changing algorithms I find that I can’t connect with the accounts I truly love as my feed is filled up with those I don’t. I want to engage more rather than mindlessly scrolling. Plus, it’s a nightmare trying to watch people’s stories on a regular basis!

I love following other bloggers as a way to keep up with their posts and getting inspiration from their images. Beauty blogs are so aesthetically pleasing and that is often reflected on their feeds. I am also growing more of an active interest in fashion and have recently found more fashion-based accounts to follow. I love editorial accounts and following companies whose products I love and like to keep up to date with.

Hopefully, by lowing the number of follows I can engage more as a whole and get a better experience from my daily scrolling. Although I don’t think there is a limit to the number of Dachshund accounts you can follow!

Do you find yourself clicking that follow button without really needing to sometimes? How do you actively engage with other users on Instagram?

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