Saturday, 25 March 2017

Seasonal Style: Pretty in Pink

Pink is huge this season. Here are some ideas to help work a bit of colour into your spring wardrobe.

I have never been a big girly girl. Pink has never featured as a huge part of my wardrobe.

This season pink is bringing in spring throughout the fashion world, in particular blush.

Now I am not about to go out and inject a ton of pink into my wardrobe but blush is the perfect way to add a bit of femininity and colour into an otherwise neutral colour palette and without being too girly if that’s not what you are comfortable with, like me. It is the perfect compromise.

For me, pink can be a little scary and I struggle to feel like I can pull it off but I really am embracing this season's hot colour. I have a big wishlist of clothes to buy when my birthday rolls around in April and I am really surprised just how much blush is featured on there.

Here are just a few ways to inject a bit of spring life into your more neutral outfits.

The Utility Shirt

Ok, so the description of this shirt on H&M’s website says that it is ‘light beige’, however having seen this in the store I struggled to find it online due to the colour description, this is definitely more blush than beige. This is the perfect way to dip your toe in the waters of feminine blush without it being too much. The colour is subtle, the silky fabric is beautiful but the utility style gives it a slight edge of masculinity still.

The Jacket

Now, something definitely more feminine. Jackets are something I could do with investing in a little more throughout spring. I always struggle with having something lightweight to throw on in spring when it’s a bit warmer and really want to work more functional items into my wardrobe, especially ones that can add something to an outfit. This Topshop jacket is not only a stunning colour, but it also features 2 more must haves for this season, statement sleeves and frills. If this is too far into the realms of femininity for you, dial it back by layering over a statement tee to pull a more casual outfit together.

The Skirt

More ruffles. I don’t really have much in the way of skirts in my wardrobe. I have a few pencil skirts that I bought for work that I never wear because they just feel too corporate for my workplace. This ruffle skirt from Mango would look beautiful with or without tights, perfect for spring and unpredictable weather.

The Shoes

Want a really discreet way of working some colour into your outfit, do it through your shoes! I have been pondering a pair of mules for a while now but I am not convinced I will be able to walk in them properly. These pink mules would look stunning with a simple outfit such as jeans and a white tee, adding that little hint of colour and brightening up an otherwise neutral outfit.

The Jumpsuit
Right pre-warning, this is expensive! Now the likelihood of me having this much money to spend on an outfit right now, much less one that is not suitable for everyday wear, is very slim, but this is just too beautiful not to feature. This jumpsuit from Whistles features both pink and flowers, both typically seen as very feminine, but somehow the mid length cut just pulls it back a little bit. This would be the perfect piece for a spring/summer wedding and is staying put on my list for somewhat wishful thinking and to just admire.

Have you started working colour into your spring wardrobe?

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