Monday, 13 March 2017

Finding a Diamond in the Rough // Skincare

Sometimes the little samples you get can prove so useful.

My skin has been the same for as long as I can remember. Oily and congested with occasional breakouts. Thick moisturisers made me cringe and if I didn't exfoliate regularly I would get what looked like dry patches, especially on my nose, whenever I wore foundation. I would get oily throughout the day having to blot and re-set my makeup regularly. Some days foundation on my nose was actually completely pointless as it would disappear giving way to shine before midday.

I had always accepted this as my skin type and although I had never completely perfected my skincare routine I was pretty close. Using mostly BareMinerals products choosing lightweight, gel-like moisturisers, cleansers targeted at blemish prone skin and using a serum of some sort. Never, ever would I have dreamed of using a night cream unless I wanted to wake up a greasy mess the following morning!

That was until recently. I never knew that having a baby could change your skin so much. I still get occasionally shiny, but for the most part, my skin is now actually quite dry, something I have never suffered with before. So much so that most of my products just weren't cutting it anymore. I felt like my gel moisturisers were gone seconds after putting them on my skin and my cleansers were actually drying me out more and making my face tight and sore.

I don't really have the money to invest in a whole new skincare regime right now so instead, I have been going through all the products and samples I have picked up over the years but never used. I subscribed to Birchbox for the best part of last year so my sample drawer is pretty full which has come in handy. I have now used a few different cleansers and the odd moisturiser, none that I am sold on enough to purchase the full-size versions. I currently have a few full-size products that are doing the job for the time being so I can cope with them.

One thing that has surprised me massively is how much I am now benefiting from using a night cream! Not only that, but it was one of those samples that have been sitting there forever. I really have found a diamond product amongst all the tat.

I have been using the Coryse Salomé Ultimate Anti-Age Restorative Night Cream for about 5 weeks now and my skin feels better than it has in a while. It is described as being suitable for all skin types which I find means that although it is really hydrating, it is also lightweight enough for me to not wake up like a grease ball the following day.  I can't really comment on its anti-aging properties but by skin feels plumper and clearer. 

Considering it has such a lightweight formula, you don't need to apply too much at one time, a little still goes a long way. In fact, I am still using the small sample that I have and haven't yet had to purchase a full size, which I fully intend to do once this runs out.

After a week or so of use, I was pretty sold on wanting to continue using this once the sample had run out but to be honest I have never heard of Coryse Salomé before and because of the quality I fully expected this to be in the higher price bracket. Imagine my surprise to find that you can purchase this through Tesco, plus it is only £8.79 for 50ml! 

I will be overhauling my entire skincare routine as this year goes on and I can't guarantee that this will be a feature going into next year, but for right now it is doing amazing things to my face, and for £8.79 it would be madness not to continue using it for now.

Do you have any night cream recommendations? 

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