Monday, 6 March 2017

2017 // Wardrobe Updates

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I have never actively decided to make changes to my entire collection of clothes let alone decide to make updating my wardrobe a goal for the year.

If leaving my parents house has shown me one thing it is that I own so much crap. There is very little substance to my current wardrobe contents. I either never wear items or actually do not like them and wonder why I bought them in the first place. I knew this was the case as I found myself wearing just a handful of pieces over and over again, but I suppose it took me going through everything, packing and then unpacking to realise just how unhappy I was with the clothes I own.

Back at my parents, I had very little in the way of clothes storage space, in fact, I didn't even have a proper wardrobe, instead, I had just a clothes rail and an ALEX 9 set of drawers from IKEA. This meant that everything was really cluttered and I procrastinated really getting stuck in with decluttering everything for years. I now have a huge wardrobe space, with more drawer space than I have ever had before and don't want to fill it with rubbish I am never going to wear.

The aim for this year is to be able to reach into my wardrobe and put together an outfit easily that I want to wear, right now getting dressed isn't enjoyable and I don't like the majority of options I have.

Being on maternity leave I don't have the disposable income to be buying new clothes all of the time right now but did get a few new pieces with money I received for Christmas. I am trying to get as much versatility in what I am choosing to buy to make sure that I get the most for my money and have a smaller collection that can be worn both casually, professionally and for more formal occasions. The main thing I am keeping in mind when choosing things is that I want to be able to wear most of it when I go back to work later this year.

The other aspect of updating my wardrobe is going to be getting rid of all the old clothes I don't wear. Some I will throw away or take to the local clothes bank, but a lot of it I will sell. Most of my clothes are from more expensive high street stores and everything is in really good condition so it would feel like a waste to dispose of it all. I will instead be selling as much as I can, both clothes and shoes. I normally use eBay for this but am also going try using the apps Shpock and Depop. In fact, I have begun to list on Depop already. Feel free to head over and see if there is anything you might like. 

I really hope that by the end of the year I have an uncluttered clothes space and manage to look put together with very little thought in the morning. I am going to look into more 'capsule wardrobe' aspects to see if it might be worth me taking this approach.

Do you have any capsule wardrobe hints and tips? What go-to pieces do you think should feature in everyone's wardrobe?

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