Monday, 13 February 2017

2017 // New Beginnings

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A lot has happened in the past few months, that much that I, myself, sometimes have to sit back and take note of what my life is now. I don't mean that negatively, it's amazing, just very surreal.

Back at the end of October, I announced that I and Luke were expecting, which was, to say the least, very unexpected. We had very little time to prepare between finding out ourselves on October 14th and my due date of January 8th. 

Well so much has happened since then and our lives are almost unrecognizable to what they were when we boarded our flight to Jamaica at the beginning of October.

After nearly 6 years together and slowly 'saving' but really spending, we are finally living in our own space. Yes, it isn't the purchased house we hoped for but none the less it is a beautiful little flat in a lovely area, which where we live in Essex isn't easy to come by. We have been extremely lucky finding the place that we have in the short amount of time that we had but after viewing upwards of 5 places every Saturday for 5/6 weeks I think we earned it.

Our limited time to prepare was cut even shorter when I went into labor on December 13th and Esmée Reese Ferry was born at 13:36. After a week's stay in the NICU, we finally got to take her home, the day before we moved so we had to stay with Luke's sister for the night.

Christmas is a blur. Having Esmée home meant everyone wanted to make a fuss of her and see her over the holidays. We were splitting our days between different family houses and didn't really get settled at the new home as a family until the new year.

Now Luke is back at work and I am getting used to Maternity leave and the challenges that having a newborn throws at you, luckily lack of sleep not being too much of a factor, we are finally starting to feel like a real little family.

If you had of asked me 4 months ago what I would be doing with my life in 2017 there is no way I could have predicted what it is now. But even though everything is different to what I had intended, I can honestly say I would not change a single thing.

2017 is a new beginning for us in so many ways and I can't wait for every new experience that comes with it.

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