Thursday, 3 November 2016

BareMinerals | Bare Pro Foundation

I have never really loved a powder foundation. I have used a few and liked them at first but never got that wow factor or felt the need to repurchase one.

For me, I have never found one that gave me everything that I want from my base. Good coverage, no cake face and staying power with my oily skin.

That was until I tried Bare Pro, £27 from bareMinerals.

The whole campaign for Bare Pro has revolved around the tagline 'Free the Face' and being able to have your cake without wearing it.

BareMinerals claim their newest foundation offering gives 12-hour long wear, glam coverage whilst still being breathable.

I apply this with it's designed brush the Core Coverage Brush £24, but have used it with other brushes and achieved the same results. Personally, I get a good medium coverage with just one layer and a fuller coverage with 2.

Looking at bareMineral's claims I would say the achieve them pretty well. This lasts all day on me, even with a gym workout, and stays matte even with my oily skin. I do get a slight bit of wear but it does so pretty evenly making it hardly noticeable.

For me, the most valuable achievement of this formula is how breathable it really is. So many foundations, of all formulas, be it powder or liquid, claim a breathable finish, but very few truly deliver, especially those that are powder. Bare pro really does! Even with 2 layers, I feel like I have nothing on and more importantly it doesn't look built up on the skin.

This is definitely a winner for me and will continue to be repurchased (I have already bought a backup).

Have you tried Bare Pro yet?

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