Friday, 7 October 2016

In Flight Survival Guide

When this post goes live, Hurricane Matthew permitting, I should be waiting to board my flight to Jamaica for a riveting 10hours.

I have never really minded flying and actually prefer long haul to a quick little 2 hours over to Europe. As I am on the taller side I just can never find short haul flying comfortable. I would take the comfortable seats and more space to walk around any day. It just means having to take other measures to make those hours bearable so the can literally 'fly' by and you can arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to enjoy what ever lies ahead.

In Flight Entertainment
One of the perks of long haul travel is that you are provided with a certain amount of in-Flight entertainment so you don't have to worry too much in advance. We are flying with Thompson and they always have a good selection of films and TV box sets to get you through.

The addition of USB charging ports on planes now also means not having to worry about travel chargers and power banks. I will never travel without my phone and Kindle Fire. I draft all of my blog content using One Note so this allows me to be somewhat productive  without having to worry about my battery. I love reading and to me, real paper books are always my go to, but for travelling it's so convenient to have a few options downloaded and compact in my Kindle so I can't be without that.

Of course, you can't travel without earphones. They do supply them on the plane but the thought of using those creeps me out a little bit. I have just sold my FRENDS Layla Headphones so this year I will just be taking good old iPhone headphones to see me through.

Healthy Flying
Everyone knows how important it is to stay hydrated during air travel so I am not about to go on about. Flying all inclusive is amazing, unlimited drinks mean no excuse for not drinking enough, even if they do serve you water in thimble sized cups, but I always like to make sure I buy a litre bottle of water in duty-free before boarding as well. I try to stay hydrated on a day to day basis so definitely feel the effects if I neglect this whilst travelling.

This is the first year I will be travelling with dietary requirements. I actually don't mind aeroplane food but will be buying whatever healthy snacks I can before boarding rather than gorging on chocolate and crisps for 10 hours.

Gone are the days where I would try to look somewhat glamorous for a flight, now I will settle for somewhat presentable and not scaring people at the airport!

Staying well hydrated will help to limit the effects to your skin but wearing layer upon layers of makeup is only going to undo some of your hard work as well as just being plain uncomfortable. Now I am in no way saying I go makeup free when I am travelling, my pre-holiday skin and lack of sleep doesn't look great without anything on it, remember what I said about not scaring people!

Before leaving home I make sure that I hydrate my skin as well as I can. Bare Minerals Skinlongevity is a beautiful, lightweight infusion and I can still feel the effects hours later. I also decant a small amount to take in-flight with me too. For makeup, I just pop a little bareMinerals Complexion Rescue on with some bareSkin Serum Concealer to hide those dark circles. The combination of these to products give a decent coverage without looking or feeling heavy. Due to their formulas, they also wear really nicely and are hydrating so your skin will be reaping the benefits rather than being trapped under products. Other than a little brow gel that is it for my face. These 2 products are under the airline restrictions so can be chucked in a clear bag and into your hand luggage. Complexion Rescue offers an SPF 30 so is perfect for a quick touch up before landing and an instant SPF protection for your hotel transfer.

I am not normally a face wipe kind of girl but I do like to have some when flying for a refresh every now and then. These micellar wipes from Garnier are perfect for me. I use Garnier Micellar Water at home for initial makeup removal anyway so these are a nice airline friendly compromise. Using them 2 or sometimes 3 times in a Flight followed by a quick reapplication of skin longevity keeps me feeling refreshed and my skin bright.

What items do you swear by to ease the effects of travelling?

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