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Holiday Makeup Essentials | Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance

Because of my blogging break I totally get I that I seem late to the party with the Modern Renaissance palette from Anastasia Beverley Hills. It's because of this that I didn't want to do just your standard, let's gush about how much I love this palette, review post. So I thought, to make things a little more interesting I'd state my deep love for this palette then go on to give you an insight of my holiday makeup essentials.

Now, firstly, does anyone not agree with the fact that this eyeshadow palette is incredible?

I received an email from Cult Beauty the day that this launched. It was about 4 days before I was due to go to Turkey, therefore had no money in the bank, but the second I saw the shade range I justified it as an emergency credit card purchase, along with next day delivery because I had to pack it to take away with me. I have never before purchased a palette, especially one that isn't particularly cheap, without thoroughly reading reviews and searching YouTube to see it in action. Seeing the offering of shades was enough for me and I had to have it. And I was not disappointed.

I love warm toned eyeshadows, especially oranges, so new I would get a decent amount of use from this but it quickly became my most used palette, completely overtaking my UD Naked and Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. Don't get me wrong I love them still, I never get tired of the smell of chocolate whilst doing my makeup, but this is now the one I reach for when I have no idea what look to go for. Even when I'm clueless, this works. Also, surprisingly as I bought this for its warm shades, you can get a stunning cool tones look with it as well so it really does it all.

Most importantly, after pretty colours of course, this has amazing colour pay off throughout. Nearly every other eyeshadow palette I own had a bit of a duff shade, you know the one I mean, the one that takes a bit more work so you never bother using it, that shade does not exist here. Each shade has beautiful payoff and blends like a dream. The only negative point I could find with this, if I really had to, would be the shadows kick up a bit in the pan when you put your brush in. But even this isn't a deal breaker because there is practically no fall out during application at all.

Now I am done declaring my undying love let's get onto why this ties into my holiday essentials. When I went to turkey for a week back in June this was the only eyeshadow palette I took with me. To give you a bit of context here, I am increasing my luggage allowance when I fly to Jamaica in October purely because of my makeup and skincare. I need that extra 5kg because I can't commit to how I want my face to look for a full 2 weeks.

For me, do it all palettes, products and tools are essential for travelling, and are the first things that go into my makeup back. So when I'm looking at what I need I will firstly look at what multitasking products I have and build from there.

My Beauty Blender is my go to tool. It's amazing how much you can do with just one of these and how much it can cut down on the brushes you need. In one look you can get the majority of your base done with just this. Foundation, concealer, bronzer, setting and highlighting with a Beauty Blender reduces your need from 5 brushes to one sponge. Just don't forget your cleanser for it!

I will be taking 2 'foundations' with me. I use the term foundation lightly as this first one I don't really think of as falling into this category. BareMinerals Complexion Rescue is a holiday saviour and sees me through from beginning to end. Those first few days when you feel rubbish completely makeup free around the pool this is amazing. Gives a small amount of natural coverage, just enough to even skin tone, hydrates, and has a good enough SPF to act as your facial protection. Then those last few evenings when you are glowing and healthy, or in my case peeling, and don't want anything heavy in the evening, this gives you all the same benefits without making you feel like you have heavy makeup on. My second foundation offering is Dior Forever and I have no reason for this other than it's my go to liquid base and I will use this of an evening for the first week. It doesn't feel heavy on the skin so is perfect for the heat and keeps my oily skin at bay. Only one concealer for me, bareMinerals bareSkin Serum Concealer. This is light and hydrating, perfect for those under eye circles that can become more dehydrated after days in the sun and it's not too heavy for the heat.

NARS Steven Klein, be still my beating heart. I will never grow tired of this palette and it goes everywhere with me. It has everything I need for bronzing, contouring and blush but still has enough variety for me to not get bored. With the exception of that highlight, matte highlight just doesn't do it for me I'm afraid. I may still throw in NARS Madly, because well it's beautiful and I can't help myself. To fill the need for highlight, Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop is the one. It's looks great on fair or tanned skin and it's as buildable as you want it to be. To set everything I take bareMinerals Mineral Vile in translucent. It's my fail safe setting powder and you can use just a fine dusting or full on bake with it if you really want to, plus the translucency means your good to go the whole holiday regardless of how successful your tanning efforts are.

For eyes it will just be ABH Modern Renaissance, no primer needed and I'll throw in the UD Naked Basics for good measure just in case. It makes next to no difference in space and weight and I use Faint as a brow powder anyway. I'll be taking bareMinerals Lash Dom Ink Liner in case I'm feeling fancy because I know I can trust it to stand up in any amount of heat, this baby does not move! ABH Dip Brow is my go to brow product regardless of how subtle or bold I want to be so I won't be going anywhere without that.

The one product I will be leaving without is mascara. I'm a running out of my current mascara and have not fell in love with one enough to commit to a repurchase but also can't decide on what to try next. Because of this I think I'm going to make it my duty free purchase of the trip. Any suggestions let me know!

Now this is condensed packing for me, and I do try to get it as limited as I can, but lipstick, that's a whole different story…..

What are your holiday makeup essentials?

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