Thursday, 22 September 2016

A Summer Holiday.....In October

Growing up, like more or less every other British family, we would have our annual 2 week holiday in August. The peak of summer, when it costs a fortune because god forbid anyone to miss 2 weeks of school when they are 12!

Now we are all grown up and don't have to have our lives dictated to us by the UK schooling system this has annual trip has been moved out to October.

Every year, the exact same 2 weeks of October, we get together as a family and jet off to somewhere, hopefully, hot and sunny.

Now I love our holidays. There is normally quite a few of us, last year there were 12, and it's the one guaranteed time of the year where we have no choice but to enjoy each other's company. I'm aware I have made that sound like a chore but I really do love having that uninterrupted time with the people that mean the most to me. October holidays have their blessings but going away so late in the year also comes with its issues!

Obviously, October is typically out of season. This means it is a hell of a lot cheaper to go to nicer places, there are not a million children running around a swimming pool and you get to gloat about a spectacular holiday when all your friends have already had theirs and are still suffering from holiday blues.

But, out of season holidaying also limits the places you can go and be guaranteed good weather. We have one holiday rule when booking, never book the same place twice. There are just too many countries to visit and life is too short. Currently, we are working our way trough the Caribbean. Oh, nice is the response you normally get with this statement, but even with the Caribbean your not granted beautiful weather in October as it is hurricane season. Last year we spent 2 weeks in Mexico with 5 days solid of rain. Yes solid, no let up at all, right in the middle of the trip. I don't leave England for 2 weeks for more rain! Hopefully, Jamaica treats us better this year!

2 weeks away in October cuts the year really awkwardly. We typically book in January, cue 10 months of torturous waiting for that 2 weeks. I mentioned the greatness of gloating to your friends that you're going away when they have holiday blues, well that comes with having to watch everyone go away during your wait. Being at work in August and September when every email you send is greeted with a sunny out of office isn't all that fun.

Then it's finally here, the waiting over, you have your 2 weeks, get home, and suddenly it's Christmas!! Being a last minute type of person, I can't really concentrate on Christmas until I start shopping, but of course, I have no money in November due to my October holiday which kinda makes the last minute trait even worse.

Talking of last minute, does anyone else leave their holiday shopping until about a week or so before you go? I do, without fail, every year. This is all well and good in August when it's summer and the shops are full of dresses and bikinis but the second September hits, bam, all you can find anywhere is jumpers and boots. Yes, Topshop I love your fall collection, I want it all, but I can't wear it on a beach in Jamaica now can I?!

But you know what, all of the bugbears that come with a late year holiday are worth every second of that 2 weeks of making new memories, experiencing a new place with new cultures and spending time with the people you love. Even looking back at a Caribbean holiday with terrible weather doesn't seem so bad now.

What is your favourite time of year to get away?


  1. Oooh so exciting Robyn! I mean, I love holidays any time of the year - but I do like going September/Oct time as just as you think summer is winding down to an end, you have it all over again! Also, SUPER jel about your family hols, I miss them so much! Immy x

    1. I really cannot wait now. You can never beat a family holiday! Thank you for reading x