Tuesday, 27 September 2016

A Reading List | Commuters Edition


Working in London means that around 2-3 hours of my days, Monday to Friday are spent either sitting on trains or waiting for them. I think I am one of the few people that actually enjoys commuting and it isn't a huge problem for me. I enjoy having that bit of time essentially alone where I don't have to talk to other people.  

The first part of my journey every day is on the overground train, meaning I am able to use the network on my phone. This is great because I can use the time to catch up on blog reading, social media or YouTube watching. One issue this causes me is the drain on my phone battery but I combat that by having a charger at my work desk, mainly it eats through my data so quickly! Half way through last month I received the dreaded Vodafone text telling me that I only had 400MB of inclusive data with 14days left of that month's usage.  

This data issue combined with the fact that the second half of my journey takes place on the tube means my time spent online whilst commuting has to be limited. I also like to try and be productive so I try to draft write blog posts on OneNote when I'm feeling inspired or failing that, read.  

I love reading and when I get into a routine during my commutes it's the quickest way to pass the journey and I can easily get through 2 books in a week. I am always looking for suggestions for my next read so thought I would start a little feature of my own. My most recent reads to pass the time during my daily journeys. It may help give you guys some ideas of must reads and maybe even avoid some awful ones!! 

I'm sure most people have read this by now but I had to give it a mention. I bought this at Gatwick when I went to turkey in June but only read the first 2 pages the whole time I was away. It wasn't until starting my new job and my commute being more regular that I picked it up again, and subsequently got through it in 3 days. It was one of them books that nearly caused me to miss my stop on the way to work and I left the train and got in the car still reading on the way home. I didn't want to put it down. Focussing on a woman's alternate life during her commute, looking out the train window at the same houses day after day was so relatable that the concept had me straight away. Build on that with a gripping storyline, mystery and partially predictable but still out of the blue ending and you can see why this is a bestseller set for the big screen. Although I am wary of watching the film adaptation due to the change in setting from the UK to the US, among other things, I would recommend this book to anyone who hasn't picked it up yet! 

Since this came up on my Amazon Kindle suggestions I have seen it mentioned everywhere. Online and in magazine features and it doesn’t disappoint. A young woman up to her eyes in student debt, in a job that isn't even related to the degree she worked so hard for and barely covering the interest, is a situation so many of us find ourselves in. She takes advantage of a company error that changes her life but results in her getting into something way deeper than she ever would have imagined and with no choice but to follow it through. It's The Devil Wears Prada (which I loved by the way) with more reliability and definitely a winner! 

Another book that has recently been adapted for the big screen, and with good reason. I saw the trailer for Nerve when it was first advertised but never knew it was based on a book until stumbling across it in Amazons best sellers category. The books concept is based around the concept of an online, broadcasted version of truth or dare, without the options for truths. The book follows its main character Vee from the uncharacteristic decision of applying for Nerve's monthly live game, through a journey of pushing her limits, the law and her own safety to the ultimate live game, all with some romance, competitive friendships and family problems rolled into the mix. I didn't expect to like this as much as I did but it definitely kept me gripped from cover to cover, wanting to know what the outcome of that final round would be.  

No poor choices these past few weeks on my reading list which has been pleasantly surprising when you think of how much amazon profit from my reading habits.  

Have you had any really good reads recently that you would recommend? 

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