Monday, 9 May 2016

The Power of Podcasts | Monday Motivation 7

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Would you believe it if I told you that I only figured out where the Podcast app on my iPhone is about 5 weeks ago!
Well, it's true. I have been intrigued by Podcasts for a while but actually had to ask a friend how I go about listening to them. I just assumed I should be able to find them n iTunes and when I couldn't I just got confused and a little like a technophobe!

I love listening to music but have found that I am more productive when listening to people talk for some reason. We are allowed headphones in the office and for a while now I have been listening to youtube videos from some my favourite Inspirational YouTubers as background noise whilst I work.

Girlboss Radio
If you caught my first Monday Motivation post you will know how motivational I found the book Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso. She has built an empire for herself by herself and in the book she not only tells her story but there are inserts from other Girlbosses telling theirs.

When I heard of Girlboss Radio I knew I needed to listen to it. Each podcast is about 40minutes to an hour long and feature Sophia talking with a fellow Girlboss. A lot of the women featured are friends of Sophia's so they don't really feel like interviews.

Listening to other women talk about their achievements and what it has taken for them to get where they are today is really inspirational. So many of these women are have a humble view on what they have done but at the same time are not scared of telling the story of hard work it has taken them along the way. It is empowering knowing that, when you put your mind to it and are willing to work your arse off, so many things are possible.

Over the past few weeks of travelling for work, long drives and a lot to do I have binge listened to all 30 odd episodes, from Courtney Love and Charlize Theron to Christine Day and Hannah Bronfman there is a huge variety of content but each woman has the same thing in common, they are Girlbosses in their own right and an inspiration to listen to I just now get frustrated to have to wait for a new episode every Thursday!

Ctrl Alt Delete
A newer station than Girlboss Radio, this offering from Emma Gannon follows very much the same format, talking with inspirational women about their careers, achievements, and goals.

Emma Gannon is the face and brains behind the blog Girl Lost in the City and has a book releasing the year under the same name as her Podcast Ctrl Alt Delete.

Emma's Podcast focusing on not just the achievements of those that she interviews but the effects and pressures of growing up online. How we benefit from social media and blogs but also how they can make life somewhat harder for a lot of people.

Some of the guests on Emma's show in her 7 episodes so far include Elizabeth Gilbert, Zoella, and Rowan Blanchard. 3 woman who have all made huge achievements in their careers but are also all very different. Elizabeth Gilbert is the author of Eat, Pray, Love and speaks about the success of her book and making it before the age of Twitter struck. Zoella every blogger or person interested in this world knows. She was possibly one of the first to make it big and to a lot of young girls is the epitome of success in this generation.

I expected to find the interviews with Zoella and Elizabeth inspiring and motivating, but I was truly surprised by Rowan Blanchard. I hadn't really heard too much about her before this but wow, how can a 14-year-old girl be so god damn inspiring! She speaks about feminism better than many older women and makes a massive amount of sense.

I am really excited to have discovered Emma's Podcast so early on and can't wait to see how it grows.

Do you listen to any Podcasts? Do you have some to recommend so I can grow my subscription list and get some more motivation?

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