Monday, 25 April 2016

Stress Management | Monday Motivation 6

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This month has been insane. 

Work has been so busy and requiring so much of my time. I'm not complaining, I love my job, it's just a lot sometimes. Throughout April, we have been delivering an Education academy to teach out new upcoming products to all the amazing Beauty Ambassadors that work on our counters, which has been amazing. I speak to these people daily on the phone and by email so it's great when I get to see them.

My job role is Education Coordinator so although I am not involved in presenting information out, I am in control of the logistics. That's organising 6 venues around the UK and Ireland, getting enough stock and materials to each of them and arranging travel and accommodation for over 650 people. All this whilst trying to manage my normal workload and watching the emails pile up.

The week before last I was attending sessions in London, last week I flew to Glasgow for 2 days and tonight I am in Birmingham. Thankfully this is the last location I am attending and from Wednesday I can start playing catch up with everything else!

I can thrive off stress sometimes. I love seeing all my hard work pay off, all these people experiencing the amazing information that my team delivers them just don't ask me to stand up there with them all anytime soon!

Although I can thrive from it, it also has a habit of catching up with me if I am not careful. Currently, I am tired and looking forward to it all being over. My body reacts to stress before my mind does. I feel tired, my skin breaks out, I put on weight and I also suffer from stress triggered alopecia.

It has been important for me to develop some ways that I can help ease the stress. Just a few ways of coping, making it a little bit easier on myself and my body, so that when all is said and done, I can sit back and reflect on everything I have worked hard to achieve, without feeling dreadful at the same time and missing huge patches of hair!

To Do Lists
My old faithful, stationary! 

I really benefit from good old pen and paper. I love technology and all it can help us with but honestly, sitting there and physically writing something down is really therapeutical to me and helps me clearly visualize everything I have t do.

I have a routine when I get to the office every morning. I get there, switch on my computer and go make breakfast and coffee to take back to my desk. On my desk, I have a multitude of notebooks but my saviours are my Kate Spade Agenda and my Kikki K To Do List. First up I check my agenda to see if I have anything important pre-planned for the day then I take at least 5 minutes to write a realistic, prioritised to-do list for the day which I can then add to as I check my emails.

Notice how I said realistic and prioritised. I have been there and made a list as long as my arm that there is no way I will complete. If you do that, at the end of your day all you will notice is the things you didn't get checked off rather than what you have achieved. But if done correctly, you can save 5 minutes at the end of your day to sit back and be proud of everything you have accomplished. 

Yes sometimes you may have to move something over to the following day but things can come up that have to take immediate priority. Make sure to add them to the list as you go so you can see why something else may have been sacrificed and make sure to take that reflection time and pat yourself on the back for getting through that day of stress!

Working out can have more than just physical benefits.

When we are stressed out body automatically goes into fight or flight mode, producing a number of chemicals to try and cope with the external factors that are potentially causing us harm. If these chemicals remain in our systems for a prolonged period of time it can be rather unhealthy. Not only does exercise help to clear these chemicals but it also replaces them with endorphins. Endorphins are a natural pain killer and the 'happy hormone'. They provide a natural high that can last for days, getting rid f that uptight, panicky feeling a high-stress day can leave behind.

This is one of the things I have been missing most this month. Anyone who has read my Lifting Heavy Things post will know that I love to workout. I lift weights mostly and the power I find within my physical strength can really help me get past a tough day. Travelling a lot, late flights and journeys and early mornings have really messed with my routine and I can feel it.

Just remember, when you're on the train after a long day and all you want to do is get home and watch Netflix that you will probably feel alt better after heading to the gym, even if it is just for a 10-minute run!

Eat Mindfully
Food makes everything better right?

In my post about IIFYM I spoke about my methods of eating for my goals. I like to keep a balance of macronutrients in my diet to help me feel at my best. When I am stressed this can sometimes go out of the window, sometimes for the better and others for the worse. 

If I ever binge eat, or eat too much of the wrong things, more than likely I am overwhelmed and stressed. But this is a vicious circle, I get stressed and I eat poorly, this makes me feel worse, more stressed and again I eat more of the wrong things. This can be especially true if you are travelling a lot or have very little time, which is my problem right now. I started with the best of intentions which ended in room service of burgers and ribs!

The best way to tackle food when you're stressed is to prepare. If you always have something on hand or in the fridge ready to go then you can eliminate the added pressure of deciding what to eat. Next is making sure that those foods that you have prepared are the right ones, eating for fuel as well as enjoyment. Feeding your body with nutritious superfoods, mind fuelling proteins, and healthy fats. Nuts are a great snack to keep you focussed, and if you're short on time a fruit packed smoothie can be perfect to start off a productive day.

A problem shared is a problem halved!

One of my biggest flaws is taking on too much work. I get that can come across as one of those job interview answers when you're asked, what would you describe as your biggest flaw? But I wouldn't really class this as a positive attribute at all. Yes to an outsider it came make you look like someone who just gets shit done, but in reality, it means juggling 5 too many balls and feeling sick to your stomach because of it. Also, eventually, one of those balls get dropped.

Every now and then I do give in and ask for help to manage my workload, in fact, it is one of my professional goals for the year. Once I do I feel so much better. Sometimes someone taking even one small thing from your growing workload can help yu concentrate on everything else more effectively and get it all done to a better standard.

Yes it feels great to get everything done yourself, but sometimes it is more important to get just some of it done without giving yourself a mental breakdown in the process. Also, if you ask someone for help it can highlight to the wider business just how much you do one your own.

Do you have any tips on managing stress?


  1. Great post! This week was terribly stressful for me as well and going to yoga helped me destress and yes to do lists save me when I am overwhelmed. Hopefully you got some time to relax in Birmingham and catch up on everything =o)

    1. I really want to give Yoga a try! Thank you so much for reading!