Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Quarter of a Century

Birthday 25 facts cosmopolitan

This past Monday I turned 25.

25 years old!

A quarter of a century!

Now I am not the sort of person that dreads getting older. I believe it is a privilege to have made another year. Another years worth of memories made and another year to make new ones. But, sometimes I do feel like times running out! Not necessarily that I am getting old but that the years are just going so damn quick!

Every year we say the previous one flys bye, but honestly, it feels like yesterday I was turning 24!

I didn't do on Monday to celebrate, just a takeaway with those closest to me after work and then work celebrations on Tuesday. So I thought I would take the opportunity of this milestone to let you all know a little more about me, so here we go!

25 Facts about me!

1. I have worked for bareMinerals for nearly 3 years now.

2. I was first employed in Customer Services, then Inventory and am now Education Coordinator for       the UK which I love!

3. I completed 2 years of a Midwifery degree.

4. During this time, I delivered 11 babies myself and witnessed many more coming into the world.

5. I have 5 tattoos, only 1 of these has any meaning to it.

6. I am a trustee for The Reece Hawley Foundation.

7. I have an unhealthy obsession with peanut butter and mint chocolate.

8. I was made to go swimming lessons from the age of 7 until I was about 13 by my parents and it's one of the life skills I am most grateful for from my parents.

9. The other teaching me to appreciate reading.

10. I begrudgingly use my Kindle Fire for convenience but it makes me really sad that real books are becoming more and more uncommon.

11. The most beautiful place I have visited is Cornwall. It holds great sentimental value for me and I can't wait to go back.

12. I love Dinosaurs! I find them so intriguing.

13. If I had another life I would be a paleontologist.

14. My and my Fiance Luke have been together 5 years this year but have been friends for about 12.

15. It has taken me about 4 years to get the confidence to start this blog!

16. Now that I have, after only 3 weeks, I love it and can't believe I didn't start sooner.

17. I have somehow learnt to see the beauty in the little things and really appreciate what the world shows me.

18. Seeing The Shard when I get off the train every morning makes me smile.

19. I am terrified of goats!

20. I work every day to try and be motivated and inspired, concentrating on the positives.

21. We have a family dog, a Husky called Rainbow. A strange name but it has a lot of meaning.

22. Public speaking scares the hell out of me, but I am determined to get past it.

23. Being on a fitness journey and lifting weights makes me feel empowered.

24. Luke proposed to me on Tower Bridge.

25. I love the city and the fact that I get to commute there on a daily basis for work.

Hopefully, you feel like you know a little more about me now. Do you have a random fact you can share about yourself?


  1. That's amazing that you delivered 11 babies! It must have felt amazing, honestly that must be one of the best feelings in the world! Great post! x

    1. Being the first person to hand someone their child is honestly incredible! Thank you so much for reading x

  2. happy birthday! i just turned 24 last month and can't believe how much time has has flown by since my last birthday! great facts about yourself =o)

    1. It feels like it gets quicker every year doesn't it, yet every year we have more we want to experience and achieve! Thank yo for taking the time to read x