Wednesday, 20 April 2016

KIKO | Extra Sculpt Volume

Kiko, Mascara, Beauty, Cosmetics

Honestly, until very recently, I hadn't even heard of KIKO.

I may have heard whispers of the brand on social media but nothing of much interest.

That is until a new store opened up Lakeside, not too far from MAC, and for the first 2 weekends that it was open it was that mobbed I didn't even attempt to poke my head in.

Then, as fate would have it, I needed mascara.

If you saw my Attempting to Adult post you will know that I am n a little old spending ban to help along house savings, which means only spending when necessary. I have put off buying a new mascara for a while purely down to price. I have been scraping the side of a Too Faced Better Than Sex sample size for a good month and although I love my Benefit Roller Lash it doesn't give me enough volume on its own. I was considering buying a full sized Too Faced but didn't want to spend that much. On the other hand, at the risk of sounding like a snob, I can't remember the last time i purchased a 'drugstore' mascara.

After putting it off long enough and finally accepting that no more was coming out of that sample tube, I remembered hearing KathleenLights compare the KIKO Extra Sculpt Volumizing Mascara to the Too Faced offering in a recent favorites video.

So, off to face he crowds at KIKO I went.

KIKO, Extra Sculpt Volumizing Mascara, Beauty, Cosmetics

I haven't been using this for long, maybe about 2 weeks, but so far I am impressed.

At £8.90, this is definitely priced alongside your typical drugstore products, and fits my spending ban perfectly, but it performs like a high-end product. The hourglass shaped wand is very similar to the Better Than Sex mascara, and the formula is very close in similarities, however, I think this may be a little wetter.

The formula, although wetter, still gives beautiful full lashes, without clumping. I have quite long lashes anyway but they are very fine and fair. This coats each lash evenly and is the blackest black. I know it sounds odd to describe a black mascara as black but have you ever used one that is just a little off, just not quite all the way black? This doesn't have that problem.

The only fault I have with this is that every time I have used it I have managed to get specs of mascara on my eyelid and my perfectly blended eyeshadow. All though if I am honest I think that is more me than the fault of KIKO.

Have you tried anything from KIKO at all? Any recommendations?

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