Thursday, 28 April 2016

Attempting to Adult: The Spending Ban | Update 1

Adult Spending Ban

Ok, I know I said in my first Attempting to Adult post that I was planning to do fortnightly updates, but where the hell has April gone!

I know it is something we all say every month but April really has flown by. Between my birthday, charity events and travelling for work I feel like it has been about 2 weeks, not 4.

Today seemed like the perfect time to get in my first update. Yesterday was payday and today my final debt repayment leaves my bank! That feels like such a huge milestone and I am so happy about it, I just wish I had woke up and started paying everything back sooner.

I feel like I bought quite a lot this past month, but I did receive money from my loved ones for my birthday. This meant that I have been able to treat myself quite a bit without it coming out of my own account. I got myself some new clothes from ASOS which was well and truly needed, finally jumped on the Adidas Stan Smith bandwagon and of course made some new beauty purchases....Reviews to come!

I even managed to get a little Lululemon haul in. I love Lululemon for gym gear but it is extremely expensive. My parents got me a backpack for Christmas that unfortunately started to break. Cut a long story short, their customer service is the best there is and I got a gift voucher worth £166!

There has been a lot of travelling for work this month and as a result, a lot of my meals have been subsidised by the company. I thought this would be a great thing but I think I have spent more money on food than usual as a result. Normally I do a Sunday food shop with Luke and spend around £30 which will do me for the week, but because I haven't been about for a whole week I have been buying as I go. This has meant more money and more calories.

Another unexpected payout this month came in the form of a smashed rear windscreen. A call to my insurance company, a substandard auto glass visit and £75 later I have a new one!

All in all, it hasn't been an awful month. I got £100 into savings, paid the remainder of our holiday deposit and don't owe anyone any money which is always a win. I also only loaded my Starbucks card once and if you saw my KIKO post you would have seen I made a necessary purchase a little cheaper than normal!

This coming month I really want to make more progress. That last repayment is really spurring me on. I got approved for a low limit credit card to help me start to get my credit rating back up where it will need to be for mortgage approvals, the plan is to use it for petrol and repay the same month.

I got paid a little extra this month so will finally be getting my iPhone screen fixed as it has been broken since September last year. But the main aim is to get a little more into savings next month. Going for £200 but hoping for more!

Does anyone have any tips to make this next month any easier?


  1. goodluck with everything honey!

  2. This is such a good idea but I'd definitely struggle with not spending!! That's amazing about Lulu Lemon, they're such a great company. Would love if you could check out my recent fashion post? :)

    The Fashion Road

    1. Their quality and customer service is worth the expense. Thank you for reading, I'll check it out. x