Friday, 8 April 2016

Palette Perfection

NARS Too Faced Urban Decay Anastasia Beverley Hills Palettes

Let's begin with full disclosure, I love a makeup palette!
When I first started venturing into the wonderful world of palettes I told myself that despite the money I was spending they would be great for travelling and being able to create a more portable makeup collection. Now, this is all well and good and is actually true in regards to face palettes, but when it comes to eye palettes it just means I take multiple palettes with me instead of just a few eyeshadows!

How do I know what eyeshadow looks I want to wear for a 2-week holiday?

Impossible choices.

There are 5 palettes in my collection that are always with me if I am spending more than a day or two away from home. I find this selection can cover all my moods and needs, which is impressive considering I often can't decide what I want to look like until I am sitting in front of a mirror.

Anastasia Beverley Hills Contour Palette (Beauty Bay, £39)
Anastasia Beverley Hills Contour Palette Contouring
(L-R Top - Vanilla, Banana, Sand, L-R Bottom - Java, Fawn, Havana)

I bought this just after it was released back in 2014 before you could get it in the UK. I ordered this through Sephora, which in turn meant that I had to buy £75 worth of products that I didn't need just so I could get this baby shipped! Since buying this it has been the most consistently reached for item in my whole makeup collection. As you can see in the picture some of the pans are more used than others but I actually get use out of every shade in this thing.

Banana and Vanilla are the perfect under eye setting shades mixed together for a softer look or Banana on its own for something a bit more drastic. Fawn is the perfect flat, grey toned contour shade and Havana bronzes beautifully. Although I do still use Sand and Java they definitely don't get as much love as the other 4 shades.

NARS One Shocking Moment Cheek Studio Palette (Space NK, £45)
NARS Steven Klien Blusher Contour Palette
(L-R Top - Paloma Contour Blush, Paloma 11 Contour Blush, Laguna. L-R Bottom - Robotic, Blasphemy, Luster and Dolce Vita)

This was actually a Christmas present from work but I am slightly tempted to buy a backup. Part of the NARS Steven Klein holiday collection the cheek studio palette is the perfect face colour collection. I have a bit of a love affair with NARS blushes and have quite a few individual ones (Madly and Taos are my 2 most used blushes) and, in my opinion, the formula is incredible. I use every one of the blushes in this palette and each one is so versatile that they can be worn day or night.

I owned Laguna a while back and was never a massive fan, however having tried it again I have fallen in love using it as a bronzer in conjunction with Paloma as a contour.

The only shade I don't use in here is the highlight and the only reason being is that I personally prefer a shimmery highlight and this looks a little powdery on me.

Although this packaging was limited addition, NARS have repackaged this as a NARSsist Palette which you can find here for £49.

Urban Decay Naked Palette (Urban Decay, £38.50)
Urban Deacy Naken Palette Neutrals

This wouldn't be a Palette review without including at least 1 of the Naked palettes. I have number 1, 3 and the Basics in my collection (totally skipped out on Naked 2!) but the original Naked palette is a must have.

This is easily my most reached for eye palette and for good reason. With such a good selection of neutrals, it is so easy to create a number of eye looks with the use of just this but they are so versatile I find myself using it alongside most of my other shadows.

Buck and Naked are the perfect transition colours and Virgin and Half-Baked make beautiful inner corner highlights for both cool and warm toned looks.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette (Debenhams, £39)
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Eyeshadow

Honestly, I originally bought this because it smelt like chocolate, I easily buy into a gimmick, but I am so glad that I did. I definitely lean towards a warm eye the majority of the time and this palette is perfect to mix a bit of colour into the mix rather than using just neutrals.

My 2 favourite shades in here are Gilded Ganache and Cherry Cordial. Gilded Ganache is a golden olive shade that is gorgeous all over the eye. Cherry Cordial is a more of a matte shade and deep burgundy which deepens up a warm smoky eye perfectly.

The only shade I dislike in here is the large highlight White Chocolate, it comes off a little chalky on my skin and I haven't yet found the right way to use it.

What palettes can you not live without?

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