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Inspirational YouTubers | Monday Motivation | 3

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I spend a big chunk of my time on YouTube, there are a lot of people that I am subscribed to and so many of them inspire me every time I watch them.

YouTube is one of the many reasons I was determined to manage my Anxiety without medication, get into fitness, get the confidence to start this blog and gained the motivation to at least try to make my dreams a reality.

These are just a handful of the inspirational women on YouTube that I would strongly recommend you check out!

Emily Duncan 
Emily Duncan Fitness
Image from YouTube

Emily Duncan, or Em Dunc as she is known as on social media, is a fitness YouTuber, college student, and NPC bikini competitor.

Emily's motto is 'Be your own Wonder Woman' and it is something that she represents exceptionally well. Between he inspiration pep talks on YouTube and her beautiful Instagram page she is a sure fire stop to get you motivation going!

Something else I love about Emily Duncan is the way she speaks about her faith. I personally am not a religious person but you can't help but feel her contagious, positive outlook.

Everyone has something to gain by joining her 25k YouTube following!

Kathleen Lights
Image from YouTube

I stumbled across Kathleen early on in my YouTube watching and subscribed almost straight away. Primarily a beauty YouTuber, Kathleen is one of the sweetest, kind hearted people on YouTube.

Her beauty videos are always so upbeat and honest that you can't help but trust her recommendations and her collaborations are beautiful. She has a range with Colourpop and although I only own a couple of pieces from it, the shades ooze her personality.

At 24, Kathleen is a severe anxiety sufferer. Amongst her many product reviews and recommendations she has a series called 'Kat Chats'. It is in these videos that she speaks about her life experiences, anxiety, and advice for her viewers. Her most recent Kat Chats, 'My Fears and Anxiety', speaks about the progress she has made with her anxiety, the things it has stopped her doing and the times she has had to overcome it to experience amazing opportunities.

Jazmine Garcia
Jazmine Garcia Jazzypoo
Image from YouTube

Jazmine Garcia is a fitness YouTuber that I have been watching since she began her channel about a year ago. I stumbled across her when I first started really looking at fitness from an aesthetic viewpoint as her channel started as a bikini prep vlog. 125,000 subscribers later and I'm still hooked.

Watching someone from the beginning allows you to feel like you have a bond with them. I know that sounds silly, like she's on the other side of the camera right? But her videos have become so much more than that initial bikini prep. Jazmine never competed but she instead focussed on building strength which she has done both physically and mentally.

Throughout her videos, she shares more of her journey, losing her mum, quitting her job for YouTube full time and now becoming a Gym Shark athlete. In her Gym Shark 'My Vision' episode she tells her story and she really is an inspiration. To have seen someone grow as much as she has makes you believe personal growth is possible, regardless of your goals.

Marissa Lace
Marissa Lace
Image from YouTube
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I originally found Marissa Lace's vlog channel, Marissa Kathryn, before her main one, again when I first started looking to YouTube for fitness inspiration. Her vlog channel, at the time, was focussed around her fitness and diet journey. After a few months, I found her main channel which was more of a beauty focus. For a while, I watched both, didn't really know much about Marissa as a person but found her videos entertaining and interesting.

Towards the end of 2015, Marissa stopped using her vlog channel and all focus went onto her main one, her videos had been receiving some negativity and it felt like she had lost herself a bit. Now she has begun a new series called 'The Year of You'. Having gotten herself out of a relationship that wasn't good for her she is now focussing on herself, she has moved across the U.S and you can clearly see how happy she is!

I loved watching her older videos, if you binge on her main channel you will find her Draw My Life video which will show you that she has had a tougher childhood than most, but she doesn't dwell on it, she makes the most of what she has a lives her life t the fullest. If you get a chance give her Ending Toxic Relationships video a watch, it will definitely give you food for thought.

Do you watch any YouTubers that you find inspirational?

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