Sunday, 27 March 2016

Travel Bucket List | Bahamas

When I think of paradise, true paradise, the paradise you see in the movies, the first place I think of is the Bahamas.

With 700 islands there is so much to choose from, experience and see that the Bahamas isn't just relaxing on a beach. Each island has it's own culture to offer as well as it's own selection of unique scenery and wildlife.

Nurse Sharks, Compass Cay Marina (Photo Credit: Jillian Morris Brake)

The Bahamas are well known for having such a wide selection of shark species from hammerheads to tiger sharks but Compass Cay Marina in The Exuma Cays is home to the nurse sharks.

I love sharks, I find them fascinating. When I was younger I saw my cousin encounter nurse sharks at Ocean World in the Dominican Republic and although extremely jealous it was a little sad to see these beautiful creatures pulled about for entertainment.

At Compass Cay the sharks are not entertainment, they are almost celebrities with the locals and tourists. You can have pictures taken with them and even get in for a swim but the sharks will only stay around as long as they want to and the locals make sure that none of them are exploited or manhandled.

The Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island

When I first saw photos like this I thought they were photoshopped. Turns out beaches like this are real and as much as I don't like sand I think I could deal with it for a stroll along a pink beach!

Harbour Island is famous for its beaches made of beautiful pink sand, yes there is some science behind the colour of the beaches but I would rather just appreciate their natural beauty then think too much about it.

You can either relax on the beach and take in its beauty or scuba dive in the surrounding coral reef. Whatever you choose this is definitely a must see for me!

Pig Island, Big Major Cay

Back to The Exuma Cays and more wildlife encounters but the last thing you would expect to find on one of the Bahamas many islands is wild pigs!

Officially named Big Major Cay or otherwise known as Pig Island is uninhabited with the exception of these friendly feral pigs. Take a boat over to the island and they will swim out to meet you, swim with you and happily play with you for offerings of fruit and vegetables. 

Now if there is anything more out of the ordinary and incredible than swimming with pigs in the Atlantic Ocean please do let me know!

Wild Dolphin Swim, Bimini

I swam with dolphins, many years age, in captivity. Yes, it was an incredible experience, would I do it again, no. I stayed behind on a trip last year in Mexico when my family went for a dolphin encounter. Being more educated now on the business of captivity and animal encounters it's just not something I wish to fund in any way.

Dolphins are amazing animals that will happily play and interact with us of their own free will and to experience that should be a privilege. In Bimini you can encounter Dolphins at their very best, free, in the wild, playing and having fun. This is the ultimate experience!

Have you ever encountered some of the magic the Bahamas has to offer?

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