Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Attempting to Adult: The Spending Ban

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In all aspects of the term, I suppose I am an adult. 

I mean I'm nearly 25, I'm engaged, I look after myself, I have a good London job and take a decent salary. That's kinda where it ends. I live with my parents, have debt racked up from being 18 and thinking everything would sort itself out and I like to spend my good salary on alot of fun things, well make-up!

I have finally accepted that's it is time to at least try and be an adult in practise as well a principle.

Me and Luke (my Fiance) have finally begun saving for a house which means I have had to address those debts! The payment plans are in full swing and come April 29th I should be debt free. The next step is to get that deposit which means ploughing everything into savings and realistically if I keep spending a huge wedge of my wages on beauty products every month it is going to take longer that necessary.

So here's the plan.

I am on a spending ban from now. Tomorrow is pay day and this is my first check in.

I will not purchase beauty products I don't genuinely need. If I run out of moisturiser for instance I will allow myself to top up, but a new release lipstick is a no go. I am however keeping my Birchbox subscription in the hopes that this will give me enough satisfaction and I wont feel the need to pop into Space NK on my lunch break!

I will take lunch to work every day and make my coffee in the office. Working in Soho, and 1 building away from Starbucks, it can be so tempting just to pop out and grab some of the amazing things on offer, but it is also so expensive!

To make things easier I am going to shop my stash alot. I have so many beauty products that don't get the love they deserve so expect to see some reviews of rediscovered items coming up! I am also going to try and make my food as varied as much as possible so I don't feel as tempted by the many London lunch spots.

To hold myself accountable I will check in with you guys every 2 weeks. Just a short post of how I am doing, slip ups (hopefully minimal) and tips I have discovered and think might be helpful to others. Then I will do a monthly round up of how much I have saved and plans for the upcoming months.

I have picked a good month to start. Its my birthday on April 4th which means I will have some treat money! Also I am travelling a fair bit for work which means all my meals will be paid for and alot of my free time taken up.

Wish me luck!

Does anyone have any tips for getting through a spending ban?


  1. Good luck on your spending ban! It's not long until you're debt free, that's awesome!

    Corinne x

    1. Thank you Corrine. It hasn't been easy but I know it will be worth it x