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Travel Bucket List | Jamaica

Bucket List, Jamaica, Travel
The world is full of so many beautiful places and Jamaica is definitely one of them.

This bucket list destination, for me, is being ticked off in October of this year and the list of things I want to do whilst I am there is growing by the week!

It will be a family holiday which means an all inclusive hotel. Honestly, all inclusive are one of my favourite types of holidays, especially when I am going long haul and for 2 weeks. I would rather not have to worry about money for every meal and use it to go and see some amazing areas whilst I am there.

Jamaica, Travel, Blue Lagoon, Port Antonio
Blue Lagoon, Port Antonio

The Blue Lagoon in Port Antonio looks absolutely stunning which is why it has been used as locations for a number of films such as 'Cocktail' and 'Club Paradise'. The lagoon is within a cove surrounded by forest and the most amazing turquoise colour. 

Whilst visiting you can take a boat tour around the edge of the lagoon accompanied by a guide who will speak about it's history and the myths surrounding it, or you can take a dip. Because the lagoon is fed by both freshwater springs and the Caribbean sea it is said to give truly unique experience to swim in it.

Jamaica, Travel, Kingston, Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains, Kingston

The highest point of Jamaica at 7,400ft is the Blue Mountains. Si high in fact that on a clear day you can see across to Haiti and Cuba. 

When hiking the Blue Mountains you get to encounter beautiful forest, waterfalls, wildlife, villages and the world famous Blue Mountain Coffee Plantations. 

The hike is around 3 - 4 hours up but I imagine it is definitely worth it to get to see the blue coloured heat haze right at the top!

Jamaica, Travel, Seven Mile Beach, Negril
Seven Mile Beach, Negril

I'm not a huge beach person, sand just really isn't for me, but Seven Mile Beach looks too much like paradise to miss.

One of Jamaica's most famous beaches offers white sand and the clearest of waters. Lined with restaurants and bars you can socialise surrounded by Negril's famous laid-back vibe or head up to the west end of the beach and join the cliff divers for an afternoon adrenaline hit.

Jamaica, Travel, Dunn's River Falls
Dunn's River Falls, Ocho Rios

Featured in the James Bond film 'Dr. No', Dunn's River Falls are 600ft of crystal clear, cascading water flowing directly into the Caribbean sea. 

Visiting the famous falls gives you the opportunity to trek the limestone, whilst linking hands with the others in your group. If you don't want to get wet there are viewing points available, but I fully intend in taking part in the adventure and then relaxing in oe of the many surrounding lagoons!

Jamaica, Travel, Horse, Horseriding, Lucea
Horse Riding, Lucea

I have visited the Dominican Republic twice and one of my favourite experiences there, other than seeing some of the Jurassic Park locations, was horseback riding in the mountains. When I saw that all the pictures I had seen on beach and sea horseback riding had been from Jamaica, and right where we are staying in Lucea, my excitement for this holiday increased twofold!

This trip starts with a hack through the countryside onto the beach, which horseback riding on the beach sounds beautiful enough, but your horse will then gallop through the waves before they actually go for a swim!

I don't think I have ever looked forward to a holiday as much as this one and am counting the days, literally, I only have 199 left!

Definitely expect a travel diary following this trip.

Have you ever visited Jamaica? Do you have any must see suggestions?

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