Friday, 18 March 2016

2016 | The Year of Accomplishments

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Ok, so I know I am late on this post but I wasn't around these parts at the beginning of 2016.

The past couple of years have been particularly tough for me (a topic for a completely different post) and to be completely honest I have entered each of them without much of a plan at all. A lot of 2015 is a bit of a blur and much of what happened just kind of did. No forward thinking just a fair bit of chance. This only changed around October during the first family holiday for quite a while. Given the chance to spend some quality time making memories with those most important to me made me realise that I was going to make 2016 different.

This year I am not leaving things to chance. I am going to set out to achieve what I want and work hard for it! I am going to prove to myself and to those around me that I won't be defined by things that have happened to me. 

At the beginning of the year, I sat back and seriously thought about what I wanted for myself and my life and realistically considered what I want to achieve this year. This is me making myself accountable for those things by talking openly about what I want in the most important parts of my life.

2015 was the year I started to take my health and fitness seriously and I want this to continue in 2016. My biggest goal is to gain muscle. I definitely come from a strong not skinny perspective and believe that muscles can be feminine. I will cover my health and fitness journey in another post but for the most part, my training is not just a physical thing. Although I obviously have aesthetic goals my mental health goals come above these it just so happens one tends to help the other. By trying to eat right and consistently exercising I keep my Anxiety under control. I have managed to get rid of the need for medication completely and my end goal is to never let it get in the way of me doing the things I want to do.
I love my job and am more than happy where I am. That doesn't mean I don't have work related goals, though. In 2016, I want to grow professionally. I want to gain more experience in the hands-on side of the beauty industry as well as learn more to help me in the administration aspect of my job. My company have started employee development and I aim to take part in as many of these opportunities as my schedule allows me to.
Obviously, this whole blogging world is new to me so this is possibly my biggest goal. I have toyed with the idea of starting a blog for around 2 years now and now that I have taken the plunge I want to make sure that I fully commit to it. I would say the main aim it by the end of the year to be producing consistent and good content. I want to find my voice and you never know, even have a couple of people reading what little old me has to say.
My money aspirations ultimately are to be able to buy a house with my Fiance. This is extremely unlikely to happen in 2016 which means all of this years money goals are to work towards this. Currently, our focus is paying off existing debt, the aim for this to be gone by the beginning of May and on from that its save, save, save! This year we will be making sacrifices whilst finding a way to still live our lives and enjoy making memories.
My biggest focus this year are my family. We have always been close but we have begun to actively make an effort to spend more time together. We know far too well hat life is too short and that memories are everything so we plan to make as many of them as possible! We have a holiday planned for October but in the meantime whether it's nights in having dinner, just laughing on a Sunday afternoon or special occasions I am determined to make 2016 worth remembering for the right reasons.
When you go through tough times in your life you realise who are your true, most reliable friends and I am not proud to admit that I have let some of those valuable friendships be neglected due to my own personal issues. Last year I took a lot of time for myself and am lucky enough to have friends that have helped me through more than most and stuck by me. I want to nurture these friendships this year and make new memories with them. This year we have new babies, weddings and big birthday's among many other things to be excited for and I cannot wait!

This post has given you guys an insight of my goals and aspirations for this year without many specifics for how I am going to achieve them. Working to a years worth of goals can be intimidating so look out for monthly posts for what I want to achieve throughout the year!

What are your biggest aspirations for 2016?